A big McYong adventure ahead #lifeaftertransplant

This week we are heading off on another McYong adventure – celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong Kong with Auntie Sonya and her family, and soaking up the sunshine on the beaches of  Vietnam – but we will also be ‎commemorating a milestone. This is our last family adventure…as a threesome. In nine weeks, give or take a few days, we will be welcoming a new member of the clan. And Addison will officially get to add a new title to her name: Big Sister.
 Addison January 2016 30 at 13-53-30
The Princess was not exactly thrilled when we told her she would have to share the crown with a little sister. Ok, I’m trying to be diplomatic. She cried. And pouted. And was downright unhappy with the prospect of breaking up our trio to make a quartet. Thankfully this single-child funk only last a day, and now she is pretty darn excited about the prospect of showing a little minion the ins and outs of life – or maybe Addison is just looking forward to having someone younger and smaller around the house so she can finally be in charge. Though one might argue she has been ruling the roost for nearly five years now.
The road to this destination hasn’t been smooth, but more on that another day. And the pregnancy itself has certainly been a lot different than with Addison, not the physical part of it (don’t tell me about the “glow”…it’s a myth in my world), but the emotional part. After losing that complete blissful innocence that nothing-could-possibly-be-wrong-with-my-child-because-we-passed-all-the-screening-tests when we were suddenly plunged into the terrifying world of heart failure at three weeks of age, there has been a lot more caution this time. It’s only been after our recent 30 week fetal echocardiogram to check this baby’s heart a second time that we have finally been able to let our guard down. Most of the way. Aaron is rather fixated on the Zika virus because I was pregnant when we were in Brazil. (I keep telling him the head measurements are all good but he missed that part of the exam.)

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A life-threatening experience with your child teaches you that good health is something to truly cherish and never take for granted. You can’t ever guarantee anyone will live a long, healthy life, regardless of age. I know as parents, we all want to assume our children will outlive us – and please don’t let me be the one to rain all over your parade – but I know that heartbreakingly isn’t always the case.
But that’s just life. And we are going to continue to take it as it comes because it’s all pretty freaking amazing. Case in point..we never would have imagined this is where our journey would take us.
Elaine, Aaron and Addison

16 thoughts on “A big McYong adventure ahead #lifeaftertransplant

  1. So incredibly excited for baby kumquat #2 to arrive! I’m so grateful that I’ll get to hang out with you guys and see your pregnant belly in person!!!!! Xoxox here’s to good health!!!

  2. wow! congratulations!!! that’s wonderful news for your little (soon to be bigger) family! have a wonderful trip and visit! Addison will be a wonderful big sister!

  3. Wow … wonderful news and Addison will be a great big sister … she is a born leader and teacher 😉 … Gung Hay Fat Choy to the McYong clan … safe and happy travels …

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