Big sister countdown

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With just over a week to go until Addison’s little sister is due to arrive, needless to say we have been a little preoccupied since getting back from our Hong Kong and Vietnam trip, hence the radio silence on the blog. But between the end of February and now, we’ve managed to fix up Addison’s new room and move her in (the former spare room/office), dust off all the baby stuff that’s been lingering in the garage for the past several years and get that into the baby’s room, and of course declutter and reorganize to make way for all the paraphernalia associated with bringing in another little human into our house.

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In between all that, Addison has also had regular transplant clinic plus a visit to her pediatrician for this lingering cough that seems to have made the rounds this spring. Chest x-ray shows her cough looks like a regular viral infection and an inhaler is calming the cough. All her other tests and numbers look good, except for elevated liver enzymes. Those are slowly coming down and can likely be blamed on the cold/cough virus. Next round of blood work in a month will hopefully show they are in normal range. And another grown up step for our Princess. She has kicked all her liquid meds to the curb and is taking both anti-rejection meds in pill form. Woohoo!!


As of this weekend, I am now officially on mat leave. Addison is so excited that Momma will be able to pick her up from preschool. And she is proving to be an excellent big sister already. Many of our conversations these days involve ways she is going to help her little sister learn to ski, walk, read, play with blocks. Unfortunately for Aaron, there is also a lot of talk about how girls rule the McYong household. As Addison likes to say, “Me and momma are the bosses and when my little sister is here the three of us will be the bosses.” 🙂


Elaine, Aaron and Addison


8 thoughts on “Big sister countdown

  1. Sending you well wishes for your upcoming delivery Elaine … Addison will be an amazing big sister once she adjusts to having some sibling competition … she has so much to share with others and no doubt she will with her baby sister. Happy Easter and continued good health to all … ❤

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