Second time around…the new “new normal” #lifeaftertransplant

Charlie LL Newborn April 2016 12 at 10-07-16

Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation or insane newborn schedule, but I’ve been thinking a lot about where we were five years ago. When Addison was the same age as Charlie is right now, we stepped off a cliff into the absolutely terrifying life and death world of heart failure and transplant.

So even though this is baby number two, none of it is routine for me. I actually have no idea what a typical three, four, or five week old baby is supposed to do. Heck the only “normal” I know is up to two weeks and six days, which is when we took Addison to the Emergency Department. Everything after that has been the “new normal”.

Charlie LL Newborn April 2016 12 at 10-27-39

It is actually a little daunting to think we are embarking on a whole new path with Charlie. I’ve been reading about the six week growth spurt, establishing good sleep behaviour in newborns, and normal pooping patterns. Sometimes I wonder how we dealt with it five years ago – being first-time parents, having a newborn, and the medical drama on top of that. Just living with a newborn is overwhelming at times! There have been a few occasions when I have had to remind myself not to sweat the small stuff…and really it’s almost always small stuff. Even if my life is ruled by a tiny, cranky, crying and angry baby who refuses to sleep anywhere but in my arms. I don’t remember Addison being quite so cantankerous in her early days, but maybe she was so relaxed/sleepy because her heart was failing!

So I take a deep breath and cuddle Charlie a little closer. The most important thing is she’s healthy. We just got the all clear after an echo and ECG at the BCCH Heart Centre this afternoon. It’s such a relief to find out Charlie’s heart looks completely normal. It’s all going to be ok. And one day (hopefully soon) I will get to sleep longer than three hours!

Charlie LL Newborn April 2016 12 at 10-49-01

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie



3 thoughts on “Second time around…the new “new normal” #lifeaftertransplant

  1. great that Charlie got the ‘all clear’ from the doctors! Enjoy your new normal with Charlie. I cannot wait to cuddle with her…if she will allow! Love the family photos!

  2. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos … so nice to see the McYong Clan happy and thriving ( although slightly sleep deprived ) … there is no such thing as ‘ normal ‘ with any newborn or young baby … either they settle into your routine or you settle into theirs … 😉 Wishing you much happiness and the occasional nap … Cheers

  3. Hang in there Elaine and Aaron and Addison…a suggestion..try and relax and sit down to feed Charlie and change her and then just feed her to sleep,,really if all is well it works!!
    Been there done that!!

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