Happy 5th birthday to our hero Audrey! #donatelife #beahero


Today we celebrate what would have been the fifth birthday of our hero Audrey. When she was born five years ago in Reno, her mom Felicia welcomed her to the world, expecting a lifetime of memories ahead, just like we had done with our baby girl two and a half weeks week before. But at three days old, Felicia was faced with tragedy, and an entirely new destiny for her baby. Audrey went on to become Nevada’s youngest organ donor that year. Her heart was gifted to Addison and her kidneys went to Hydee, a woman in California.


We are so incredibly grateful. Audrey is always in our hearts, especially when we have a chance to watch our Princess reach another milestone. Every year, Felicia marks her firstborn daughter’s birthday with a balloon release, and though we are hundreds of miles away we always have our own ceremony here in Vancouver. This year, Addison wanted to send five balloons up to Audrey since it is her fifth birthday.

Fly high! Sending you all our love always…
❤ Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

2 thoughts on “Happy 5th birthday to our hero Audrey! #donatelife #beahero

  1. Happy Birthday to a Heavenly Angel named Audrey from her Earth Angel named Addison … there is no greater gift and what a beautiful way to remember that … ❤ and Hugs to Felicia for recognizing that in her time of sorrow.

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