Flying high from a(nother) #kickass #TransplantClinic! #lifeaftertransplant


I’ve lost track of how many umpteenth transplant clinics we’ve been to, the dozens and dozens of echocardiograms and ECGs, plus the number of pokes Addison has endured in the past five years…but I am ecstatic to report another round of good news. Our cardiologist is very pleased with how well our Princess is doing. We have been moved to two months between blood work and we’re still at six months between clinic appointments. Preliminary results from Monday’s GFR kidney test look awesome. A relief to know her little kidneys are still working well despite the toxic load of twice-daily drugs. Yeah!!!

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We actually have been flying high this week…literally. Addison’s Gong-Gong has dug out all his handmade kites (I think some of these are as old as me!!) because the Princess has been fascinated with flying kites. We had moderate success but I anticipate many more kite-flying days this summer.

The McYongs also made an appearance at last weekend’s Miracle Weekend for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. For the first time in several years, I didn’t have to go on-camera – the perks of leaving my job as a reporter – so I had a chance to catch up with some of our hospital friends.

It’s been a very busy first 10 weeks of life with two girls…many challenging moments (especially at 3am)…but those little smiles are so worth it!! 🙂


Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

7 thoughts on “Flying high from a(nother) #kickass #TransplantClinic! #lifeaftertransplant

  1. Those kites are amazing….and soooo your dad to do that as a hobby! Those a a couple of gorgeous girls you’ve got there, Charlie is getting big! And so much personality shining through the photos from both of them. I am *slightly* jealous you got to meet real Storm Troopers. Amazing progress Addie, really happy for you and your continued excellent health!!

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