Rainbows and volcanoes – Aloha from Hawaii!

Our first official McYong family trip as a foursome has begun! And at the wise old age of three months, Charlie must know there is no point in protesting…she was a champion flyer on our two-leg-nine-hour trip from Vancouver to the Big Island of Hawaii. Though she of course screamed as soon as we got in the rental car for our drive to the east side of the island.

The entire Yong family will be converging in Kona for a celebration of Lao Lao’s 70th birthday. Not sure how much rest and relaxation there will be with NINE grandkids under one roof but at least we have a one to one ratio of adults to kids haha.

Traveling with two kids definitely presents its extra challenges. I have already done three rounds of laundry since we arrived on Saturday. 4am poonami diaper changes are to be expected.

Things that Aaron and I would have undertaken with no hesitation BC (Before Children), such as hiking six miles to see a red hot glowing river of lava, are not going to happen. But there are many other lovely moments – Addison singing her original tunes to Charlie while we are driving, swimming together in a volcanically heated ocean pool, walking across black lava fields.

Just before we left Vancouver we found out one of our fellow transplant families is facing another battle – their transplant child has just been diagnosed with PTLD, post transplant lymphoproliferative disorder, a form of lymphoma that only affects transplant patients. Now they are undergoing aggressive to try and get into remission.

It is yet another stark reminder that this transplant journey can throw up roadblocks with no warning. So while the way ahead is clear, we will keep stopping to smell the hibiscus, snack on something delicious and swim in the tidepools.

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

One thought on “Rainbows and volcanoes – Aloha from Hawaii!

  1. Yeah Hawaii!!! Y that’s a great shot of the rainbow!!!!!! Looking forward to lots of craziness when we are all in one big (or not so big) house starting tomorrow!!!!!

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