The Addison Fund major milestone!!! #makeadifference #lifeaftertransplant

Hawaii 2016 July 10 at 14-48-37

While we were soaking up some serious sun on the Big Island of Hawaii for Lao Lao’s 70th birthday year, there was another reason to celebrate – we’ve reached a major milestone in our mission to raise money for pediatric transplant research. We have taken the first $25,000 in the Addison Pediatric Transplant Research Fund and leveraged that into $100,000!!!! That means every dollar YOU have donated has been turned into FOUR dollars for pediatric transplant research. In partnership with the Canadian National Transplant Research Program, and generously supported by the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Alberta Transplant Institute and Astellas Canada, each with matching $25,000 grants, we are so excited to see this groundbreaking initiative move forward. (Read the full press release HERE.)

The $100,000 grant will be awarded to one team of Canadian researchers for a patient-focused project that aims to have a direct impact on improving health outcomes of pediatric solid organ transplant recipients. The winner will be chosen by a scientific peer review committee.

This accomplishment would have been impossible without the generous support of friends, family, colleagues, even several Addison fans we have yet to meet in person. We want you to know we appreciate every penny that has been donated to the Addison Fund. You are helping us make a difference for transplant recipients like Addison and I know together we can turn transplant into a cure and give these kids a long and healthy life.

So we have even more reason to work hard again this year as we gear up for the Recycle Ride and our first pub night fundraiser, all in support of the Addison Fund. We want to get to the next $25,000 and start planning how we can go even further. Who knew our small idea to somehow do something meaningful could truly be transformative for young patients would turn into all this?!


Mahalo, thank you, xie xie, gracias…we can’t say it enough. THANK YOU for all your ongoing support.

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie




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