This is a big deal… #kindergarten #lifeaftertransplant #organdonation

Love the motorcycle! (at the PNE)

Love the motorcycle! (at the PNE)

September has kind of snuck up on us, and my daydreams of an idyllic summer on mat leave toting around my two girls to beaches, parks and pools never completely materialized. Not sure what I was thinking?? We have managed to fit in a lot of fun, but in smaller doses, and in between Charlie’s demanding baby schedule.

So now here we are…the last long weekend of the summer and the last weekend before Addison embarks on a whole new chapter of life – school!! I know I have said it many times before, but WOW. WOW. WOW. Do we really have a little kindergarten student in our house? What happened to that teeny little baby who was so incredibly sick? What happened to the days when we refused to think about the future, not knowing if she would last another hour?

Happy birthday Daddy!

Happy birthday Daddy! (We had no candles except the ‘5’.)

I approach the Princess’s first day of kindergarten with many emotions – excitement, awe, gratefulness, and a few nerves. This will be Addison’s first full-time exposure to the great big germy world of school. Yes, she went to two years of preschool, but there were never more than 15 children in her class. I am bracing myself for the relentless cycle of snotty noses, sniffles and snuffles which seems to hit every kid in school. I am just really hoping it never gets worse than what “regular” sickies endure. We have been so fortunate to avoid any serious post-transplant complications (and hospitalizations) for the past three years, while at the same time we know several other transplant kids who are in and out of the hospital on a regular rotation. The reality is our tough little transplant kids are not normal.

Tomatoes from the garden

Tomatoes from the garden

It’s not just the “routine” colds and infections which worry me. I cringe when I think about the unvaccinated children who will be roaming the halls and crossing paths with my immune compromised daughter, who can’t get vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella or the chicken pox. If she gets sick with one of those illnesses, she will end up in the hospital, or WORSE. Aaron read this post on social media with sums it up perfectly…I’m not allowed to send my kid to school with peanuts but why are you allowed to send your kid to school with a potentially life-threatening disease?


Anyhow, I wasn’t planning to turn this post into a rant about those idiotic parents…trying to use my inside voice here…who don’t protect their own kids and other kids like Addison. Let’s focus on the positive. My baby is going to school!!! Here’s something else I saw on social media which sums it up so beautifully:


Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

2 thoughts on “This is a big deal… #kindergarten #lifeaftertransplant #organdonation

  1. You guys are amazing,and as a parent who’s narrowly missed losing a child to meningitis – to those people who don’t vaccinate, give your head a shake!

  2. Climbing to the top of the spider web, Addison you are brave and so so strong! It may be anecdotal, but in my experience, pre-school was WAY worse for viruses, and you’ve already passed that with flying colours. I think we were sick with a series of colds for about a year. Have a wonderful first week of big kids school!

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