First day of kindergarten!! #lifeaftertransplant #donatelife


The first day of school is always a big deal. For Addison and all the other kids who are here because of a life-saving organ transplant, getting a chance to go to kindergarten is nothing short of a miracle. It is yet another milestone we are so fortunate to celebrate. And it’s moments like these that really hit me in the gut.

Waiting for a miracle.

Waiting for a miracle. May 2011.

My little girl should not even be here, standing so tall and proud, grinning from ear to ear. She was on the knife edge of death. I could see the black hole of life-after-Addison waiting to suck me in. And my mind went into that darkness several times, but somehow she was given the most precious gift. I like to think Addison just held on so tight to that second chance, refusing to stop fighting until she could leap out of that black hole, never looking back, rushing arms wide open into the light, and life.


This would have also been our donor Audrey’s first week of kindergarten, and it is always bittersweet when we get to mark another important date with our Princess, knowing her mom Felicia doesn’t get to do that. We just hope that we honour Audrey’s gift by keeping her memory and spirit alive through Addison.


In true Addison fashion, she impatiently sighed as I tried to take a few more photos through my tears. “Momma, I just want to go to kindergarten!” 

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie


7 thoughts on “First day of kindergarten!! #lifeaftertransplant #donatelife

  1. So happy for you Princess Addison … you look lovely in your pink sparkles ! Enjoy Kindergarten and making new friends … you are an amazing young lady … wishing the McYong Clan good health and much happiness in the upcoming year. ❤

  2. My transplant granddaughter also had her first day of kindergarten this week. She, too, is 5+ years out. I was at the front door of school to take her picture. I gave her a packet of books. She is just learning to read. It was bittersweet. Each day is a gift.

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