A magma-nificent Halloween! #lifeaftertransplant


An explosive day for the McYongs…Halloween is finally here! We have had several months of intense discussions about what the Princess will be for this hallowed eve. Of course a princess would be way too obvious, so Addison decided she wanted to be Halema’uma’u. Yes for you geology geeks that is the crater in the Kilauea caldera on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is actively spewing lava right now and we were able to see the glow when we were there in July.


So I got to work with some googling of “DIY volcano costume” and was pleasantly surprised to see the internet erupting with possibilities. (Now I can’t stop the volcano puns…don’t you lava them?) Thanks to the skillful sewing of Auntie Jennifer I think we created something pretty smoking hot. Charlie and I are of course dressed as hula girls. Ran out of time to get Aaron a Hawaiian shirt so he is just a daddy. 🙂

img_2884 fullsizerender


Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

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