Christmas comes a little early – another stellar #transplantlife clinic for Addison!!


It is looking a lot like Christmas on the West Coast, and though I am a native of Saskatchewan, I have grown soft during my many years in Vancouver. It’s hard not to grumble at all the snow and ice when you hear tires spinning, your feet are soaked through, and you can’t find your windshield scraper, but hanging out with kids brings back the joys of a wintry wonderland. There have been snow angels, snowmen/girls, Christmas decorating, and tobogganing. Topped off with hot chocolate and whipped cream, of course. Addison loves everything about winter! Charlie isn’t quite convinced yet but she’s warming up to the idea.

Today we busted through the icy roads for transplant clinic at BC Children’s Hospital. Long story short…all is fabulous!! Addison’s heart continues to work perfectly, her latest blood work is looking great, she is growing and thriving. We are all set for another six months – with continued blood work every six weeks. Who needs any other Christmas present??

We also got to spread some Christmas cheer at the hospital with BC Transplant and Operation Popcorn. It’s an annual event to thank healthcare staff who help make organ donation possible. We have taken part for a few years now and it is always great to visit with some of the many caregivers who have looked after Addison. It takes a huge team to make organ donation possible and it’s just a small way for us to show our gratitude. Our team this year included a kidney recipient who got her transplant at BCCH 17 years ago as a teenager, and an adult heart transplant recipient who is celebrating 17 years with her heart!

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There are just a couple of weeks until Christmas and we definitely aren’t ready. Aaron has been nursing a fractured wrist and a cast on one arm just doesn’t go well with speedy light installation or tree trimming (or diaper changing). We have our first Kindergarten Christmas concert to attend later this week, report cards are coming out, two more visits with Santa this weekend and a skating party, plus a crazy 8-month old who refuses to sit still.

addison-charlie-2016-12-05-at-12-45-02 addison-charlie-2016-12-05-at-12-45-11

Tonight at bedtime Addison said, “Momma, sometimes I need a break from Charlie.” Hahahahaha.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison



6 thoughts on “Christmas comes a little early – another stellar #transplantlife clinic for Addison!!

  1. Fabulous news … A VERY Merry Christmas to the McYong Clan and wishes for a happy and healthy 2017 … the girls will really bring the fun into Christmas day … enjoy !

  2. Such great shots playing in the snow, it reminds me of when I was that age! Oh dear what’s Aaron done to his wrist, there’s never a good time to be in a cast. Just wait until the little sister is walking and following around her big sister EVERYWHERE. Happy holidays, stay warm and enjoy the white stuff.

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