‘Twas the night before Christmas…2016 edition. #transplantlife #lifeaftertransplant


The magic is still alive in the McYong household!! Addison is eagerly looking forward to bedtime tonight because she knows Santa is coming while she sleeps. There have been a few interesting questions, including, “How old is Santa?” “How do the reindeer fly?” “How does he deliver all those presents?”and “Will Santa die?” Hmmmm. We kind of glossed over our answers, especially to the last question, with some mumbo-jumbo about magic. So far it seems to be working. Not sure for how long though???!

We don’t go too crazy with presents in our families. Addison knows there is one gift from Santa and maybe a couple of small presents from us. Even before her transplant, Aaron and I had long agreed the most important part of Christmas is spending time together with loved ones. Now that’s central to everything we do. So we have been busy creating new memories.

The best gifts aren’t found under the tree, especially the gift of life. This will be Addison’s sixth Christmas with her new heart. That’s six Christmases together all thanks to her precious gift from Audrey. This year is also Charlie’s first Christmas, and Addison’s first as a big sister. ❤


We are so fortunate, and we never forget that. We wish all of you much love, peace and joy.

Merry Christmas Eve!
Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie


4 thoughts on “‘Twas the night before Christmas…2016 edition. #transplantlife #lifeaftertransplant

  1. Merry Christmas Addison… to you, Sweetheart, and to Charlie, and to your parents. Wishing you all good health and much happiness. 💕💕💕💕

  2. Thankful for the miracle and Audrey’s brave mother … enjoy every magical moment of Christmas while they are young … it is what brings the joy to the holiday … Merry Christmas to the McYong Clan and may 2017 bring you much happiness and good health … ❤

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