Escaping winter…viva Mexico! #lifeaftertransplant


Christmas is done at our house. The tree is in the compost pile, decorations put away for another year, leftovers in the freezer…we are getting out of town!! Our bags are packed and we are about to leave for the airport. It’s a McYong adventure to Mexico, but this is not your typical sun vacation…though I suppose we don’t do anything “normally”, not with the Princess leading the way.


Really, this is Addison’s vacation. A few months ago when we talked about taking advantage of my mat leave with Charlie and escaping a wet and dark winter (and who knew it would be this snowy??), we asked Addison where she wanted to go. We mentioned Mexico as one of the options, which prompted her to ask if that was where the monarch butterflies lived. Well, she was right, and that is where we are going during our two weeks away. Hence her gift request from Santa…


Ok…gotta go finish packing!

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

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