Spring Break already??! #lifeaftertransplant

The nasty cold/cough/congestion virus that has been making the rounds this winter has now hit the McYong household. Aaron came down with it first, then me, then Addison and now Charlie. Last week, Addison stayed home from school for her first sick day this year. Yeah!! I know most parents don’t celebrate sick days but I was expecting her first year in school to be much worse with lots of snotty noses and regular sick days. We made it all the way to March and that is pretty amazing right?? I know plenty of non-transplant kiddos who have had many more sick days than Addison. I credit her teacher’s awesome hand hygiene rules for keeping the germs at bay.

Aaron went to talk to Addison’s Kindergarten class about his job. Addison is “interviewing” her teacher!

Before we all got knocked out by this virus, Addison had another superstar moment as the poster girl for organ donation awareness. BC Transplant asked us to speak at an event announcing the expansion of a partnership with ICBC to promote organ donation. Addison wore her World Transplant Game gold medal and stepped up to the mirophone – on her tippy toes – to talk about it. (Click on the photo to link to the full story and you can watch the full announcement HERE.)

The night before the event I had asked her to tell me the most amazing thing she’s been able to do in her life (that she can remember). We talked about the World Transplant Games and she said to me, “I love having a heart transplant because I get to go to the World Transplant Games!!” How’s that for five-year old logic? It’s not exactly how I see it but when I stopped to think about it, she may be onto something. Really, everything Addison has been able to do since she was 25 days old is only because of her gift of life.

Several media outlets picked up the story, including both Vancouver newspapers. Addison was so excited to see herself in the paper, which is kind of funny considering how many times she has been on television!

We have an even bigger announcement in the next week or two. We are about to award the winning research project for the first round of Addison Fund money!!! The $100,000 national Team Grant competition has finally wrapped up the peer review process. I can’t wait to share the news with you. Many of you have given generously over the past few years…we could not have gotten here without your support. Watch for that in the coming days.

But first, later today Addison and I are off on another mommy-daughter adventure! We are going to Hong Kong for a week!! Charlie and Aaron are having a daddy-daughter week at home. 🙂 Hopefully by the time we get back to Vancouver, winter will really be over.

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

2 thoughts on “Spring Break already??! #lifeaftertransplant

  1. So proud of Addison and you for everything you are doing to raise awareness for organ donation. Congratulations!
    Cannot wait for you guys to be here!!!!!! A few hours to go!!! Xoxo

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