Thanks for an awesome week Hong Kong! #lifeaftertransplant

We were hoping to escape the rain/snow/dark skies during our mommy+Addison week in Hong Kong, but we didn’t really see much sunshine until today, which is unfortunately our last day here. However, we are hardy West Coasters and at least it was warm rain.

The most important thing was getting a chance to see Auntie Son Son, Uncle Ben Ben, Luca and Amelia. The cousins had a great time (mostly) at the playground, eating noodles, watching the night parade at Disney, riding the tram across Central, and even a little shopping.

For a couple of days my best friend and her two boys joined us during their stopover in Hong Kong so it was a full house of crazy fun. Every day was action packed with one, two or all of them falling asleep on the way home.


We are at the airport now, ready to go home. I asked Addison what her favourite part of the trip was. She says, “All of it!” She is sad to leave HK but she is very excited about seeing her little sister. (Aaron has been on full time Daddy duty at home with Charlie. They have been having their own adventures LOL.)

This has been Addison’s fourth time in HK, which is incredible when I stop to think about it. When Aaron and I were pregnant with Addison I was so worried a kid would cramp our wanderlust. Then when our baby girl landed in the hospital in heart failure at three weeks traveling was the furthest thing from our minds. So to be able to see how far we have gone, literally, since those dark days, I feel so fortunate we have been able to show Addison the world.

See you soon Vancouver! And we’ll be back Hong Kong!

Elaine and Addison

One thought on “Thanks for an awesome week Hong Kong! #lifeaftertransplant

  1. Loved having you and Addie here for another visit! Glad we got to have some (crazy), quLity time all together! It’s heartwarming to see the kids playing together!!! We will see you guys soon!! Xoxox

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