One year as a big sister! #becauseofanorgandonor #lifeaftertransplant

Today we celebrate one year of Addison being a big sister.

That means a year of…

  • sister morning cuddles in Momma and Dadda’s bed.
  • dealing with Charlie’s craziness (she loves crawling into her big sister’s room and ‘exploring’, aka ‘making a mess’).
  • swinging side-by-side at the playground.
  • feeding Charlie goldfish crackers and baby Mum-Mums.
  • growing tall enough to push Charlie in the stroller.
  • fetching Charlie’s favourite bunny or dog when she is having a ‘moment’.
  • reading Charlie books.
  • seeing her toothy grin when Momma brings her to school pick-up.
  • sometimes shutting the door and playing with Charlie in my room, just the two of us.
  • wearing matching pajamas.

What a gift it has been to see the two girls together. Addison is so incredibly patient and generous with her little sister. She has vowed to never get angry at Charlie, and though I’m not sure she will be able to stick to that I really appreciate the sentiment.

Today we celebrate life!! Happy birthday Charlie!!!

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

4 thoughts on “One year as a big sister! #becauseofanorgandonor #lifeaftertransplant

  1. Happy Birthday Princess Charlie … I am so glad you have big sister Princess Addison to keep you company in your life journey … Hope you have lots of birthday fun and that Charlie doesn’t make too big a mess with the cake … Love and hugs your way ❤

  2. Happy 1st Birthday Charlie! Enjoy the day celebrating life together! So fun to see Addision take on the role of big sister! Way to go Addison!

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