Birthday balloons for our heart hero Audrey ❤ #becauseofanorgandonor #giftoflife

While Addison just got to celebrate her sixth birthday, there is another sixth birthday this year that is equally as important. Audrey would have been six today. At just six days old, she gave the gift of life to our baby girl. Her mom Felicia had the incredible strength to selflessly say yes to organ donation. We remember Audrey always because she is the only reason we have Addison.

Felicia has a balloon release celebration in her hometown in the US every year so we have our own ceremony up here in Vancouver. Addison picked out these six balloons specifically for her heart hero, assuming of course she also loves Frozen and the colour pink. Addison thought it would be amazing to be able to fly with the balloons up to the sky. Until then, we are sending Audrey all our love and gratitude.

Happy birthday sweet Audrey!

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie



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