Mucho calor in Spain! (A good excuse to have ice cream) #WTGMalaga2017 #lifeaftertransplant #becauseofanorgandonor

“Mucho calor!!!” We’ve been hearing that a lot on this trip. Basic translation: very hot weather. And boy has it ever been hot here in Spain, especially when we compare it to the temperatures back home in Vancouver! The mercury has pushed past 40C on several days so far – even up to 45C one day in Seville – which is challenging for anyone, but especially a transplant kid. Addison does not do well in extreme heat. She tires easily and overheats quickly. We have been taking it easy, paring down our intended pace, and finding fun ways to cool down whenever we can. Of course there have been many stops for ice cream, at least once a day.

We have had a busy two weeks so far. First Madrid, then Toledo, onto Granada (where Lao Lao and Gong Gong joined us), Seville next, and now we are near Arcos de la Frontera in a villa with a pool (where Addison’s transplant BFF Margaret and her husband Brian have joined us). Along the way we have played in a beautiful riverside park with a spray pad, eaten churros dipped in thick and decadent hot chocolate, visited the incredible Alhambra to gawk at stunning Moorish architecture, joined the locals for two parades as part of Corpus Christi, watched fiery flamenco dancing in Seville, ate a lot of delicious tapas, learned a bit about the complicated history around here involving Christians, Moors and Jews, bought yummy baked goods from cloistered nuns.

In between all that we have been chasing Charlie around a LOT – forget the terrible twos, this girl is insane right now. She has decided she loves sucking back freshly-squeezed orange juice, climbing over and under church pews, splashing in any fountain she sees, and eating ice cream. We have told Addison many times on this trip, “Wow, you were never like that when you were a baby.” So far Addison is taking it in stride and being a great big sister. Charlie’s afternoon naps have been a good excuse to slow down our pace and cool down. And now that we are in the countryside with some space, Addison has been able to continue her training for the World Transplant Games.

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The WTG start on Sunday in Malaga, but Addison’s events aren’t until next Friday and Saturday. Malaga should be cooler because it is a coastal city. And by then, 30C will feel cool after what we’ve endured this past couple of weeks.

We are really excited about seeing/meeting the rest of Team Canada and the 2000+ other athletes and supporters! But first, a few more days of touring around the beautiful Pueblos Blancos and Costa del Luz – plus a daily ice cream fix.

Hasta Luego!
Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie





4 thoughts on “Mucho calor in Spain! (A good excuse to have ice cream) #WTGMalaga2017 #lifeaftertransplant #becauseofanorgandonor

  1. LOVE the pics! You’ve done so much! I wish it was a bit cooler for you. What wonderful adventures you have!!! :o)

  2. OMG … 40 plus Celsius ! … muy caliente … I would overheat and either melt or perhaps melt down 😉 Hoping for cooler temperatures for Addison at the WTG … Enjoy your adventures. Cheers from breezy and cool Victoria ( 16 Celsius )

  3. Heat is not a fun way to travel!!! Good that you are keeping a nice slow pace-you can enjoy your holiday in a different way!!! Excited for the games to start…will be amazing, I’m sure! Xo

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