Ready to race at the World Transplant Games #WTGMalaga2017 #becauseofanorgandonor

A big day tomorrow…50 metre run day!! Addison’s first of three events is scheduled for Friday afternoon at 2:20pm. She went to bed tonight really excited and squirmy, with a huge grin. She has been practising and training for several months now and today she told us she feels like she can run really fast. There are two other girls in the 6-8 year old category so this will be the first time she has actually raced someone other than me or Aaron. I am feeling nervous and excited for her too!!

We got a chance to hit the track today for a practice session. It was incredible to see some of the other athletes preparing for their competition. There are many serious high-performers here and they train like Olympic competitors. While Team Canada has many outstanding athletes (who even broke a few World Transplant Games records today), they train because they love it. Other countries give their WTG medallists money, just like their Olympic medallists. Some teams travel with physios, massage therapists, coaches, doctors. They also provide high-performance training sessions. Team Canada doesn’t get any of those benefits and perks, but our athletes also don’t need to qualify. Anyone who wants to compete with Team Canada at the WTG is welcome to register. So Canadian eh?

At Addison’s age, none of that really matters. (Though it’s definitely a lot to think about for the future.) For now, we just want her to have fun, enjoy the competition, try her very best, and be proud of herself. With only three girls competing, they are all guaranteed a medal anyhow. 🙂

(There is no live stream of the athletics competition tomorrow but the WTG has been putting some events live on Facebook. 2:20pm Friday afternoon in Spain is 5:20am PST.)

Go Addison Go!!!!

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie







8 thoughts on “Ready to race at the World Transplant Games #WTGMalaga2017 #becauseofanorgandonor

  1. So proud and excited for you Addison! We’ll be thinking of you and cheering you on at 5:20am in Vancouver!! Sending our love and waving our Canadian flag proudly with you!! xo

  2. GO Addison … Hope you can hear us cheering for you all the way from Victoria … Good luck tomorrow … will check the FB page for updates …. 3 Cheers for Team Canada … Happy Canada Day weekend … 🙂

  3. Super excited for Addison for her first race at this year’s WTG!! Going to be cheering loudly and proudly for her from over here!! Xo

  4. I showed Addison’s classmates the video of her entering the field with her teammates. They waved and cheered wildly just like they were there in real life. Go, Addison, go!

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