Youngest competitor at the World Transplant Games wins silver on the track for Team Canada!! #WTGMalaga2017 #organdonation

Ok, that sounds way too much like a headline but I couldn’t resist. It could also read something like this: “Daughter of world’s craziest transplant parents wins silver!” Before we left Vancouver I was chatting with my BFF about Addison’s potential competitors and the possibility that she would be the youngest athlete at the Games, for a second time. (She was the youngest in Argentina in 2015.) My BFF turns to me and says, “You know that makes you and Aaron the craziest transplant parents in the world, right??” As she not so subtly pointed out, obviously you’d have to be crazy – in a good way – to think it’s a good idea to fly half way around the world to have your little 6-year old kid run 50 metres, throw a ball and jump.

I’ll proudly wear the title because it is pretty damn special to witness your heart transplant warrior giving it her all, arms pumping, feet flying, big grin on her face. Addison was so incredibly proud of herself at the finish line, yelling in excitement, “I think I came in second!!!” Her competitors were 8-year old Lisa from New Zealand (liver transplant) and 7-year old Saho from Japan (heart transplant). All three girls were so darn cute.

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And the new friends will meet again tomorrow for ball throw and long jump, the last day of competition at the World Transplant Games. Addison is feeling pretty confident she’ll get another medal or two. Rather fitting way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday!! ❤

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie


6 thoughts on “Youngest competitor at the World Transplant Games wins silver on the track for Team Canada!! #WTGMalaga2017 #organdonation

  1. That is AWESOME … well done Addison … they are all winners in my book … 3 little transplant superheroes … enjoying making new friends and competing again … Happy Canada Day and congrats to your ‘ crazy parents ‘ as well … 😉

  2. Woohoo!!!! Congratulations Addison!!!! I have to admit I woke up early to try to find the results…so I guess that makes me a crazy fan!! Elaine and Aaron – you know how much I admire you for teaching us how how delicate life is and how important it is to live life to the fullest.

  3. Congratulations!!!!! Super excited for her, and for the other two girls! What an amazing way to show them, and all of us that there is no stopping them! 🙂 Addison looks so proud – love the pic of the 3 girls with their flags on their backs! Cannot wait to hear how the other events go! 🙂 Addison has a whole team all around the world rooting for her! XO

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