Another milestone – first day of Grade 1!! #backtoschool #becauseofanorgandonor #lifeaftertransplant

This summer just flew by and I still can’t believe we are in to the month of September, let alone BACK TO SCHOOL! Yikes. This year Addison is in Grade 1. That just sounds way too grown up for my tiny little baby girl who fought so hard just to survive.

Addison was a little nervous about heading back to school. She had an extra long summer break because we left June 8 for Spain and the World Transplant Games. We’ve also had a road trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Grand Forks, a daddy and daughters getaway at my sister’s cottage at Cultus Lake, lots of playground time and splash parks. And living downstairs from three of her cousins during our renovations (which also means we are half a block from Lao Lao and Gong Gong) has pretty much been a non stop party. I wouldn’t want the fun to end either!

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I am always reminded of the parallel universe of non-firsts for our donor mom Felicia. Her baby girl Audrey would also be going into Grade 1 this year. We never forget that every celebration for us is a bittersweet occasion for Audrey’s family. None of these moments would have been possible without Audrey’s gift, and we are so thankful.

Back to school also marks a work/life transition for Aaron and me. He is going back to regular Monday-Friday at work after spending the summer on a Saturday-Tuesday work schedule. Charlie moves into full-time daycare. Addison will go to after-school care. I am shifting my work day to start earlier so I can leave work by 4pm (or earlier some days!!), pick up Addison, drop off our bikes at home, get in the car to go pick up Charlie, get home, make dinner, and then Aaron should be home about the time we sit down to eat. Whew. It’s going to be a real juggling act. I am expecting plenty of bumps in the road as we figure it all out. And a few frozen pizza dinners along the way.

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

4 thoughts on “Another milestone – first day of Grade 1!! #backtoschool #becauseofanorgandonor #lifeaftertransplant

  1. Wow … you are getting so tall Addison and prettier every day … so exciting to be in grade 1 … poor Charlie must feel so left out at the moment … but soon it will be a very busy household and you can help out when Mommy and Daddy get really tired … 😉 Please tell Mommy frozen pizza and take out food are not only allowed but a necessity sometimes ! ❤ and hugs Cheryl

  2. Awe… cherish this as befor you know it she will be Graduating and off to college!! Congratulations Addison . And don’t worry Charlie you will be going before you know it 😊

  3. Hey that juggling act sounds familiar! We really look forward to Thursday which is take out dinner night at our house. Looking at all those great pictures I can see Addison has had a wonderful summer. We enjoyed our taste of Vancouver summer with you. Go Grade 1!!!

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