A very merry McYong Christmas #lifeaftertransplant #becauseofanorgandonor

Last night on Christmas Eve, after a big huge Christmas lunch with family and loved ones, and a very festive couple of hours at Van Dusen, Addison asked us, “Is Santa real?” She was quite serious about it. I told her if she wanted to believe, then anything was possible. She pondered that for a moment and then decided she should run up to each Santa she sees and pull his beard to see if he is the ‘real’ Santa. I quickly made up some story about how Santa is very busy and sometimes his elves have to dress up like him to help out. Whew!! Ducked that one…for now. The clock is definitely ticking but I think that bought us another year!

Santa was kind enough to bring Addison TWO presents, though she knows he almost always only brings one gift for each child. She did write it in her letter to him earlier this month so maybe he decided her request was small enough that he could swing both? (And by the way Canada Post we still don’t have a response. Yes we did mail it before the Dec 11 deadline!!)

Regardless of the reason, Addison was thrilled she got exactly what she wanted. Charlie, on the other hand, was most enthusiastic about the baby food pouch in her stocking. The little hippo from Santa was promptly ignored.

We are enjoying the magic of the season and trying to fit in as much of the important stuff as we can – spending family time together (Aaron actually has the stat holidays off this year!!!), enjoying good food with loved ones, soaking in festive cheer whenever possible, and playing in the snow. As you know, we aren’t a present-crazy family and have been that way since long before Addison. That has only been reinforced with Addison’s transplant journey. There is nothing that I want or need more than to see her huge smile on Christmas morning, and laugh at Charlie’s amusing antics. When I put Charlie to bed last night I said “Merry Christmas!” as I got ready to leave her room. She looked up at me and replied, “Feliz Navidad!” I am not joking. Never a dull moment with these two ruling the McYong house.

Wishing you all love, happiness, peace, and most importantly, good health!!

Merry Christmas,
Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie



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