We finally got an insider look at the new BC Children’s Hospital #lifeaftertransplant

A popsicle at 1am can only mean we are in the BCCH Emergency! Our first visit to the new ED, and Addison’s first visit in a long time. A little bladder infection is the problem and if it had been a weekday we would have snuck in to see our pediatrician. So there is no panic…really not a big deal at all. Nice to be kind of blasé about something at the hospital! Just need some antibiotics.

Addison started complaining about symptoms earlier tonight and couldn’t sleep because she kept having to pee. She was quite miserable about it earlier but is quite cheery now, despite the late hour. Though she still jumps off the stretcher ever half an hour or so desperately needing to pee, or at least thinking she has to pee. Yep, she just said, “I gotta go!!!” Wait…be right back!!

…And we found some toast on our way back to the room. This is actually the first time I have been at the hospital solo with her! Aaron is home with Charlie of course, long asleep I am sure. I think Addison and I are going to cuddle up on the stretcher and nap after her middle of the night snack. Not sure how long it will take for a doctor to come see us. It is so busy here tonight. I just heard the triage nurse say they have 25 people in the waiting room!! This is one of the only times it’s a bonus to be a heart transplant patient. You get whisked in right away for infection control.

Ok let’s hope we get out of here soon…


Elaine and Addison

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