Is Spring Break here already?? #lifeaftertransplant #becauseofanorgandonor

I can’t tell you how ready I am for Spring to officially arrive. To me, that signals the symbolic end of cold and flu season and I am counting down the days. This winter has been a brutal one in the McYong household and Addison’s amazing streak of only one sick day in Kindergarten has been broken in Grade 1. She has missed a couple of days here and there for fevers, colds, coughs, though still faring better than some of her immune-healthy classmates! Charlie seems to have a cold every couple of weeks, thanks to the germpool known as daycare, but she usually gets over it in 24 hours and has also only missed a few days too. It’s Momma who has taken the worst hit!! Last week, I was pretty much on the couch or in bed. I have never been that sick in my entire life and I will be the first to admit I am a terrible sick person.

So we are finally seeing the sunshine and light at the end of this dark, wintry tunnel. For once, we didn’t have any travel plans because we had our huge renos last year and it would have been fiscally irresponsible. In February, we celebrated Chinese New Year with my family and we made it to Tofino for a long weekend with Aaron’s family, which broke up the winter a little. Aaron and Addison have also been trying to get in as much skiing as possible.

We are now counting down to the Canadian Transplant Games, only three and a half months away. Addison is in training – she has decided to compete in swimming, ball throw, long jump and the run. If anyone is hoping to watch her compete, all her events will be at UBC. Swimming is scheduled for July 4, track on July 6. We’d love to have a huge Team Addison out to cheer her on!! We are especially honoured and excited because Addison’s donor mom Felicia is coming from Reno to take part, so this will be even more amazing!!!!!

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Both our girls will be celebrating birthdays soon too. Eeks. How did we end up with two-year old and a seven-year old??? First on the agenda though, we are taking off for Spring Break. I do kind of regret not just booking a tropical beach vacation, however several months ago I thought it would be a great idea to take the girls to the Grand Canyon and do a US National Park tour????!!! Yep. I know. What was I thinking?

At least I had the foresight to get a leash for Charlie.

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie


3 thoughts on “Is Spring Break here already?? #lifeaftertransplant #becauseofanorgandonor

  1. Yes it has been a brutal virus season … Hope you feel better soon … almost everyone I know has succumbed to some respiratory or gastrointestinal bug including my neighbour who contracted Avian Flu H5N1 on a flight to Taipei ( long haul pilot so job hazard I guess ) … has kept me busy at work and in my neighbourhood caring for people ( Nurse ) … looking forward to better health for everyone with the nicer weather !!! The girls couldn’t be any gosh darn cuter if they tried but I can imagine they give you a run for your money … LOL … enjoy it because the next thing you know they are young adults like mine and you miss having them around all the time. Have fun at the Grand Canyon … it will be another amazing adventure for your little explorers … and GOOD LUCK to Addison at the CDN Transplant Games … we will be there in spirit cheering her on !!!! GO Princess Addie ❤

  2. Enjoy your beautiful house! Although your travel plans have been put on hold a littie, you can enjoy your amazing new space every day! Amazing that Addison’s been able to keep a lot of the cold/flu bugs away even though you and Charlie have been sick! Take care!!! Xo happy spring break!

  3. It’s been the longest winter my husband and I can remember and we can hardly with for the warmer weather to arrive! Your girls are just SO adorable…I look so forward to seeing their latest pics!

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