Two years of being a big sister #lifeaftertransplant #becauseofanorgandonor


Today we celebrate two years of life with Charlie. As Addison says, “It’s been 60% good with Charlie.” Sometimes she laments the ‘good old days’ when it was just the three of us. Ok wait, she just changed her mind to 70% good because, as she puts it, Charlie can be bad.

Oh Charlie…so spirited, stubborn, silly, opinionated and fun. You have certainly made our lives more interesting, and chaotic. Now she actually plays with Addison, sometimes. Their favourite thing is building forts. Charlie also likes it when Addison reads to her, which really makes my heart melt. Addison is (mostly) so patient and kind to her little sister. Maybe it’s that wise-beyond-the-years thing she has from being a transplant/hospital/medical kid?


We did spend more time at BC Children’s today – five hours for a series of five blood draws. This is so the pharmacy team can analyze exactly how Addison processes the Tacrolimus, which should hopefully give us a better idea of how much we should be giving her. It was a bit rough when the port went in…Addison was quite upset and anxious, with some screaming and tears. As I tried to keep her calm and relaxed, I felt guilty that this is her normal, and sometimes we forget that all these interventions are still traumatic and painful, even for a little warrior.

Addison still says it was more fun than going to school, so I suppose that’s a win. We had a good time eating snacks, playing UNO and Candyland. Plus there will be pink cupcakes later for Charlie’s birthday, and that always makes everything feel better.

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

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