Happy 7th birthday Audrey!! Born to #givelife #donatelife #organdonation

IMG_1482Every year on April 30th, we celebrate Audrey’s birthday. She has never been able to take part, except in spirit. But we are hopeful that somehow, somewhere, she is watching over us. We know she has a special connection to Addison because it is her heart that now beats in our daughter’s chest. It’s a crazy thing to have something so incredibly precious binding two lives together, two families together.


In the past, we’ve done a balloon release because that’s what Audrey’s mom Felicia does at their home in Reno. But this year, after feeling too wracked with guilt over the sea creatures and birds that were meeting their demise despite my use of biodegradable balloons, Addison agreed to an alternate way to honour Audrey’s memory.

We had a little ceremony and planted some flowers in our garden. They’re surrounded by rocks Addison hand painted, so we always know where they are. These are bee wildflowers, which Addison though Audrey would really love. It’s just a small gesture, but really, nothing we can ever do will be enough thanks.

Felicia is a tireless advocate for organ donation and recently got a chance to give her own thanks to the first responders who took care of Audrey. Just think of everything that had to happen for us to end up where we are today…

The exciting thing is we’ll get to spend time with Felicia and her two girls this summer and at least show them a little bit of our appreciation. They’re making their first trip out of the US to come to Vancouver for the Vancouver 2018 Canadian Transplant Games!! It will be amazing and so special to have Felicia be able to see Addison compete at the Games. This is not something many recipients get to share with their donor families and we know we are so very fortunate.


Audrey, happy 7th birthday! We love you sweetheart!! PS: Please help your flowers go big and strong, and send the bees over to visit, so they look beautiful when your Momma and little sisters come visit.

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

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