Want to be part of Team Addison??? Get the t-shirt! #lifeaftertransplant #teamAddison

img_2579Every time we wear our pink Team Addison t-shirts, people always ask us if they can get one. So in preparation for all the fans we are hoping will show up to cheer on Addison at the Transplant Games this summer at UBC, we are putting in another order, and this time I’m putting it out there for anyone who wants one!!

They work out to about $18 CDN each, maybe a little less depending on final total of orders. The women’s shirts are 100% cotton, women’s fit. (I have a size medium, if that helps.) There are men’s sizes too (also about $18), unisex children’s (about $13 each) and girl’s fit ($18). The graphic is a heat transfer.

We love the pink because pink is awesome, and our chocolate bars have the same colour scheme and graphic, but we are also considering ordering some gray t-shirts with pink or red printing??? Any opinions?

This is purely cost-recovery for us, so we aren’t charging any extra!! Of course, if you feel so inclined we always happily accept your donations to the Addison Fund for pediatric transplant research HERE.  🙂

Addison April 2015 12 10-17-20

Interested? Send us a message ASAP (hoping to put the order in by SUNDAY, May 6)!! And hopefully we’ll see a huge sea of pink at the Games this July!!

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

3 thoughts on “Want to be part of Team Addison??? Get the t-shirt! #lifeaftertransplant #teamAddison

  1. Hi Elaine , would you order me 2 men’s large. I will send the money in with Jen. Go team Addison. Xxx Thanks Elaine and Ray

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