Introducing the Tour de Transplant (aka the new Recycle Ride)!! #goodcause #lifeaftertransplant

fullsizeoutput_2eccFor four years, Aaron and his friend Adam have done a crazy bike ride up several mountains, all in the name of ‘fun’ and pediatric transplant research. Then a couple of years ago we added a pub night. We did pretty good, raising money, raising awareness, and having a great time. BUT, we knew that we would need to get creative if we wanted to get bigger and better.

So last year after the 2017 Recycle Ride, we started chatting with the Kidney Foundation about partnering. They had launched their Kidney Bike, which was a great family-friendly ride through the Seymour Demonstration Forest. Turns out they wanted to add a more challenging ride component to their event and they wanted to expand it to focus on organ donation and transplant in general. It seemed like a great partnership, so now here we are…the Tour de Transplant!!!!


New TDT Poster-1It’s going to be an awesome family-friendly event with route options for all levels (including the very youngest newbie riders). There will be a fun celebration at the finish line too.


Addison, Charlie and Eileen get some training in for the ride!

Half of the net proceeds from the ride will go to the Addison Fund and pediatric transplant research, so we hope you can come ride with us, or support Team Addison with your generosity. Addison is one of the ‘hosts’ of the ride, along with her cycling buddy Eileen. Eileen donated a kidney to her mom….and then rode her bike across Canada!!


Eileen and Addison, the Tour de Transplant hosts.

Also, in case you LOVE those original Recycle Ride jerseys, we have new Tour de Transplant jerseys with the same, cool, organ graphic on the front. BUT to get the early bird price for those (around $70, plus an extra $5 for personalization), I need to know by end of day Sunday. I know….not much time, but there have been several delays.

Recycle Ride 2016 SL August 21 at 02-18-31

We will still have an Addison Fund pub night, but we are moving the date to the fall. We’ll be sure to share details with you as soon as we start planning…after the Tour de Transplant. 🙂

Hope to see you on July 29!!

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie


One thought on “Introducing the Tour de Transplant (aka the new Recycle Ride)!! #goodcause #lifeaftertransplant

  1. What a great idea to combine efforts to make this even bigger and better to help raise funds and raise awareness about organ donation! Looking forward to being a part of this!

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