A transplant triathlete!!! #soproud #inspiration #lifeaftertransplant #hearttransplant


Not really sure how it ended up happening, but we have a triathlete in the family now!! Addison finished her first official race today and I couldn’t be more proud of my little transplant warrior. She was nervous/excited this morning, jumping around a bit, squirming and giggling, but confident.

There was an option for competitors in her age group to have a buddy (or parent) do the race with them, but she insisted she would be totally fine. There was also the option to have a pool noodle or floatie for the swim, but again, she insisted she would be fine. We had a little ‘incident’ in the pool in December when she had a panic attack. The coach had to jump in to make sure she was ok, and I was standing on the pool deck freaking out, about to jump in myself, so the swimming part still had me a little nervous. We signed her up for private swim lessons with one of her awesome tri coaches this spring, and that really seemed to help because she jumped in and took off, swimming her 50 metres with no problems.

The transition was the other part I wasn’t sure about, because this would be the first time she’d have to do it totally on her own. In the practice ‘fun’ tri events during training, it has been pretty casual and parents get right in there to help during transition. But I had no reason to worry…it all went off amazingly! We were lucky to have a pretty big Team Addison cheering her on, and she was grinning the whole time. Running was a bit challenging for her as she doesn’t seem to have quite the same stamina for prolonged exercise as non-transplant kids, and by the time she got there she was pretty tired and had to take a few walking breaks. Still, she finished strong, with a huge smile on her face.

I can’t tell you how incredible it is to see her attack such a physical challenge with relish. She amazes me and I can’t believe how far she has freaking come. She just constantly blows away my expectations of what life with a heart transplant should look like.

Total time: 15:10. 🙂
Next stop…Canadian Transplant Games!!! Opening Ceremonies in eight days!!!

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie



4 thoughts on “A transplant triathlete!!! #soproud #inspiration #lifeaftertransplant #hearttransplant

  1. GO ADDISON! She is truly amazing! Congratulations on continuing to push yourself and persevering! You are a hero! So glad we were able to be there to be a part of TEAM ADDISON! 🙂 So proud!

  2. How radically awesome is that ? You ROCK Addison and never cease to amaze us … Good luck at the CDN Transplant Games … Cheers to you and your proud family ❤

  3. Great job! That looked like a warm day for all that running. And now I’m getting all teary-eyed at my desk at work. You’re such an inspiration Addison.

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