Come ride with #TeamAddison this Sunday and help make transplant a cure. Or just “give me your money!” :) #goodcause


As we gear up for our first ever Tour de Transplant bike ride this Sunday, just three days away, we’ve had a sobering reminder of why transplant research is so important. A member of our transplant community who was awaiting a second liver transplant tragically died earlier this week. Transplant is NOT A CURE. And we need more people to register as organ donors. Did you know if every organ that was viable for transplant was actually available for transplant we would have a minimal wait list??? That’s so incredibly sad when you know that there are people waiting, and dying while waiting. I’m sure most of the people reading this post are registered (otherwise I have done a very bad job all these years), but please encourage your friends, family and colleagues to register as organ donors too.

This event is our first collaboration with the Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC and Yukon branch, and we are really excited to take our little grassroots bike ride and turn it into this amazing event. Aaron will be grinding it out on the Challenge route, which includes a climb up to the top of Seymour. The rest of the McYongs will be toodling around on the lovely paved Seymour Valley Trailway for the Family route. The most important thing is we are doing this to raise money for pediatric transplant research. (If you missed the video in the last post, watch it HERE.) Half of the net proceeds from the event will go to the Addison Fund for pediatric transplant research. Please come ride with Team Addison on Sunday, or support the cause with a donation. As Addison would say, “Give me your money…please!” We need your help to reach our fundraising goal!!!!TDT IG Info

I asked Addison if she wanted to say a few things at the finish line to thank all the riders. She has been practising what she wants to say, even writing it down on little scraps of paper. But it goes something like this: “Let me tell you a little bit about what it’s like to be a transplant recipient. I have to get lots of tests, I have to get blood every six weeks, I take medicine twice a day.” If that doesn’t get you pulling out your wallet, not sure what will.


Maybe the pancake brunch at the finish line will do the trick!? (Huge thanks to the Vancouver Queen Elizabeth Lions Club for firing up the griddles!!) It’s going to be another fantastic summer weekend…stay cool in the shade of the beautiful forest and help kids like Addison.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

3 thoughts on “Come ride with #TeamAddison this Sunday and help make transplant a cure. Or just “give me your money!” :) #goodcause

  1. We are looking forward to the family bike ride and showing our support for team Addison and transplant research!! Go Team Addison!!

  2. Wow Addison you look so big on your bike! Cool helmet too! I hope people give you lots and lots of their money. 😀

  3. Keeping Teresa in my prayers! It looks like you are having a wonderful time. It must be difficult for you not to be with Teresa at this time!
    Love and hugs💕

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