Grade 2 – another big year ahead! #lifeaftertransplant #organdonation


We have a Second Grader in the house!! Addison was so excited to head back to school last week. She barely gave me five minutes for photos and a hug. But I’m not going to complain about it – it’s so amazingly normal/typical 7-year old behaviour and I LOVE that.


On Friday, I made a point of going to school early to pick her up from her new classroom, rather than my usual after-work pickup time from after school care. I wanted to introduce myself to her new Grade 2/3 teacher and give her my quick “Addison had a heart transplant when she was a baby and needs to wash her hands a lot, drink lots of water, and we need to know if anyone comes down with measles, mumps, chicken pox etc” spiel. It’s such a fine line between wanting your transplant kid to be treated “normally” but also protecting their best interests. And don’t get me started (again) on the vaccine thing!!! That measles alert in the Fraser Valley has it top of mind, unfortunately.

Before the start of school, we crammed a lot in to our last two weekends of summer vacation. We spent a long weekend on Galiano Island with our awesome bike ride/pub night co-organizers/friends Sheena and Adam, and their dob Tobias. There was hiking, crabbing, colouring, crafting, eating, and bike riding.

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Then we spent the Labour Day long weekend in Seattle. The highlight there was the Woodland Park Zoo, complete with giraffe and bird feeding. Though Charlie might say her favourite thing was the fish-throwing at Pike Place Market. Now she actually says she wants to be a fish-thrower when she grows up!!!

And speaking of pub night…YES IT’S ALMOST HERE!!! We have just finalized plans for our beer and burger night fundraiser on Sunday, October 14. All the details are on the poster and you can visit our website for more information, to buy tickets, AND check out our amazing online auction items!! We are still adding new items to the auction catalogue and bidding will be open soon. Huge thanks to the generous businesses and supporters who are donating amazing auction items. (Of course, we are happy to accept more prize items if you feel inclined, hahaha.)


Ok, there is a lot more exciting stuff happening in the next couple of months. But I’ll save that for the next post. And just in case you didn’t notice Addison’s new ‘do, here’s a before and after. 🙂

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie



One thought on “Grade 2 – another big year ahead! #lifeaftertransplant #organdonation

  1. Yeah! So glad Addison had a great start to the school year! Her hair looks awesome! 🙂 Hope she continues to love school! Love that Charlie wants to be a fish thrower when she grows up! Such cuties!

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