Beer, burgers, more beer, and bid often in our silent auction – all for a #goodcause #transplantresearch

Most important thing to share first: our silent auction is NOW OPEN!! These are many fantastic prizes, including a lot of beer and other libations, a fabulous weekend in Victoria with Harbour Air flights, plus tickets to the sold-out Grand Prix Figure Skating Final (all the world’s top athletes will be competing). All proceeds go towards pediatric transplant research in BC so you can help kids like Addison live a long and healthy life. (We are still updating our auction catalog so keep checking back for new items!)

And tickets are now available for our third annual beer and burger fundraiser: BFG ( or Burgers for Good). New fabulous location – The New Oxford in Yaletown – but same excellent fun with an awesome group of friends.


You will notice a very exciting new update this year for both the BFG and the auction – we are fully online! This means you can bid online, buy tickets online pay with your credit card. You will need to register as a bidder first to do either. BUT if you are old fashioned and prefer cold hard cash transactions, we gladly accept any form of payment. 🙂 Just send us a message through the website and we can reserve a ticket for you so you can pay at the door.

We want to make this the best fundraiser yet so please come out on October 14, and bid early and often in our silent auction!

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie

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