Four reasons to #bethankful – according to a 7 year old. #lifeaftertransplant #thanksgiving #gratitude

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On the way home from school on Friday, Addison was telling me about her action-packed day in Grade 2. Her teacher has been doing a lot of work around gratitude this week, naturally, and each student was asked to make a list of four things that they are grateful for. Here’s Addison’s list (in her order):

  1. My little sister, even though she is annoying.
  2. My stuffed planets. (These are stuffies, but planets, not animals…in case that wasn’t obvious.)
  3. My heart transplant, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.
  4. My family. (Which was apparently a last-minute afterthought because she could not possibly think of anything else that made her feel gratitude!)

Gotta love it right?!! And though the priority order may be a little bit messed up – I know, 7 year old brain talking – I think she has the basics pretty much nailed. Really, I’m just grateful that I can sail through this weekend being grateful. Does that make any sense at all??

Plus, we’re having 15 people over for Thanksgiving dinner so the weekend will be full of great food, family, friends and fun. So many more reasons to be thankful.

LV California 17-44-50 2018-09-23

Our awesome two-week vacation to Las Vegas and California did end in a round of hand foot and mouth disease for everyone except Aaron, which translated into a visit for Addison to the BC Children’s Hospital Emergency Department for a throat swab and blood tests, couple of days off school, lots of whining and moaning, and a couple of days at home from work for me, but really no big deal. As Aaron and I both said to Addison on a few separate occasions during the worst of it, “Uh, you have been through WAY WORSE, trust us.” And there are so many things to be grateful for – the excellent care from our awesome medical team, the ability to be able to travel, time together as a family.

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I know some people might look at our lot in life – heart transplant recipient, lifetime of toxic drugs, uncertain outcome, blah blah blah – and be grateful they aren’t us, but my heart is full of gratitude for everything we have. And actually, I feel pretty darn happy to be us this Thanksgiving, and every day of the year.

LV California 17-21-10 2018-09-23

So incredibly grateful for this beautiful and amazing gift of organ donation.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!! May you have many reasons to give thanks this weekend.

Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie


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