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Addison Yong McArthur was born on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 7:43pm.  She was right on schedule, just one day before her due date.  She weighed 7lbs   10oz at birth.  She was born healthy, with no sign of any medical issues.  For 20 days, Addison was happy at home with us, eating lots, gaining weight, and doing all the regular newborn baby stuff.

On Monday, May 2, just before Aaron was about to leave for election night coverage, we noticed Addison was very cool to the touch, she looked extremely pale, and she had a sharp cry we hadn’t heard before.  When we took her temperature, it was only 34C.  I took her temperature a few times, but it kept coming back so low.  Aaron decided we should just go to the hospital.  We bundled her up, and I just held her to try and warm her up, and we drove to Burnaby General Hospital instead of Children’s because we live only 15 blocks away.

When we got to Burnaby General, the medical staff was pretty sure Addison had an infection.  They said we’d probably need 48 hours of antibiotics in the hospital, but we’d have to get transfered to Children’s since Burnaby General did not admit children.  The Infant Transport Team came to pick us up around 7:30pm.

We got to Children’s ER by 8:00pm.  From there, the news got progressively worse.  Within a couple of hours, the doctors told us her heart was abnormally large, though they weren’t sure why.  By 11:30pm, Addison was being rushed into ICU because her heart was failing.  And at around midnight, a cardiologist and ICU doctor came out to tell us our little baby girl might not make it. We were completely devastated. It was as if a black hole had opened up and just sucked us in. How had this happened? It felt surreal.

And that’s how it all began.

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