Daddy’s Diary

May 24, 2011

“There but for the grace of god go I.”

When we were given the news Addison would need a heart transplant we were flooded with a range of emotions.  “How could this happen to us?”  We felt like we were the only family in the world who had to deal with this.  As we move along in this journey we are quickly discovering we are not alone.  In fact it is shocking how many kids are born with heart defects, or develop cardiac issues.  1 in 100 kids is born with a defect serious enough to require surgery.  While that is only 1 percent, the number blew me away.  It still strikes me as  awfully high.  The surgeons at BC children’s hospital will see between 300 and 400 heart patients just this year.  In our short time in the ICU there have been at least a half dozen other kids who have needed heart surgery.  We know we are incredibly fortunate.  Getting a heart transplant so quickly is almost  unheard of, but yesterday were given some clarity  just how fortunate we are.  A new cardiac baby was brought in straight from the delivery room.    Mom and Dad spent some time with him, but were given the worst possible news.  There was nothing the surgeons could do.   He was 1 day old.

Say a prayer for this family.  Think about all the families who need the doctors and nurses at BC childrens hospital.  There are a lot more than you think.

May 23, 2011

A bit of an admission here, I am a soft touch.  I knew I was going to be in for a world of trouble as Addison  started to grow up.   How could I say no to such a beautiful little girl?  It’s not hard to imagine how the conversation would go.  “Daddy, can I have an ice cream/pony/new car?”  Now what am I supposed to do?  After the heart transplant I fear spoiled might be a bit of an understatement as a way to describe our little princess.

All kidding aside,  we are so lucky to have such a wonderful baby.  She is a fighter who continues to amaze both of us.  I was asked by a mom to be soon after Addie was born how it was going.  I responded “great!”  Seeing her in her mom’s arms was a life changing experience.   Ask me today how its going, and I wouldn’t hesitate to respond “Even better!”  After 3 weeks in hospital, the definition of a life changing experience has been altered somewhat, but not for the worse.   By anyone’s definition she is a normal healthy baby, who just needed a new heart.  Other than a few extra doctor’s visits there is nothing here we can’t manage, and nothing Addison can’t handle.

Over the course of the next few years, I will be posting here. (Hopefully a  little different than Elaine’s missives.)  A chance for you to read about what post transplant life is like for us, a chance to offer support to other families with similar challenges, and really a chance for me to get some stuff off my chest. Thanks for reading, you’ll hear from me soon.


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11 thoughts on “Daddy’s Diary

  1. Hey Guys…

    Thanks so much for setting up the Blog.. The regular updates have been amazing and now we can watch Addision growth and move up from the ICU.. Our daughter Hayley spent a month in the icu and that move to peds is an amzing feeling.. A feeling that home is just around the corner.. Stay postive and enjoy another chapter in Addison’s life..

    Steve Jen Hayley and Hunter Darling…

  2. Our thoughts are with you and Elaine and Addison. Life is all so fragile and precious.

    There is nothing quite like our own gut feelings, usually it’s pretty accurate, in particular when it comes to those we love, as a parent always follow it.

    We look forward to hearing more from you and Elaine, prayers with Addison.

    This will certainly put all of the future calamities such as Addison’s fashion choices, boyfriend choices, etc into perspective. And yes she will continue have her Dad wrapped around that tiny litle finger of hers.

    Dan & Sheanne, Haley, Jack Moskaluk

  3. Aaron – you are all so loved by us. We will move mountains to support you guys and we can’t wait for the chance to come see her. I suppose you might need a night out soon…I’ll give Frenchie a hall pass.
    p.s. new pony. ha! you`ll be lucky if you get off that easy!!!
    best best best,

  4. Thanks for sharing the story of the wee angel boy. He and his Mama and Daddy are in my prayers. We shall never understand these things. God bless the amazing doctors and nurses and other staff who work round the clock to ensure our children’s comfort and safety. Thank you~!

  5. Drar Elaine and Aaron,
    Your little Addison is such a beautiful, precius little doll. You are all in my prayers for a speedy recovery for Addison. It is amazing how quickly little ones heal . I become a grandma this April. This little beings are God’s most wonderful give. I will keep you all in my daily prayers.
    Love and Prayers Lillian Albrecher

  6. Aaron – you are such an amazing dad and an incredible husband….. I know Elaine (and all of us) has been “held up” by your continuous and constant strength. Addison is soooo lucky to have such a wonderful daddy…….. one who will have to start saving every penny to buy her that car, pony, ice cream and whatever her little heart desires……………!!!!!!!
    Love you, Aaron!

  7. Aaron and Elaine.

    There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you and wonder how Addison is doing.

    This blog is absolutely incredible – a great way to share your story, get things off your chest (like Aaron mentioned) and to also raise awareness of the importance of blood and organ donation.

    Your family is absolutely amazing and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to be with you through your birth! Addison is so strong and beautiful and I look forward to seeing her grow into a big, healthy girl.

    Love you guys!

  8. I too had a daughter that faced medical challenges and also was born with a heart defect that required open heart surgery. She has now outgrown BC Children’s hospital and has moved on to Saint Paul’s. I don’t know how the doctors and nurses at Children’s managed it but, she only has fond memories of her time spent there. I remember looking around the hospital and thinking to myself, a heart defect I’ll take it. There are so many families battling illness, I am still surprised.
    Please everyone remember to support this hospital, it truly is amazing and we need it to be top notch. You ,Elaine and Addison will be good ambassadors for our hospital.
    Thank you for sharing. Your story is amazing and I will continue to pray and send positive thoughts your way.

  9. Thanks to Sue for sharing her story of BCCH and reminding everyone that ii is such a fantastic place & needs our support. Morgan & I (me being the ‘taxi-driver’ now) were just there yesterday for his bi-annual checkup with the EB clinic & Dr. Prendiville – we are sooooo fortunate that he is still able to go to her at BCCH even tho he is now 25 yrs old! It is because of the rarity of his disease that we are able to & thank God we can.
    Keep up the good fight Aaron – you’ve got a beautiful daughter 🙂

  10. Thank you everyone at Childrens’…every one there is amazing. And my love goes out to the family who donated the heart for sweet Addison. I pray for a long life for this sweet baby, such a beautiful little one you are Addison. Mom and Dad, keep strong, love this little one and my prayers will be for all of you now and in future.

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