A long overdue THANK YOU!! #goodcause #lifeaftertransplant


What an amazing looking group of riders! (Photo courtesy Scott Deyell)


This is three weeks overdue, but a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our first Tour de Transplant a success!! Aside from the crazy cyclists and not-so-crazy cyclists, there are so many volunteers and sponsors to thank. This was truly a team effort and we are grateful to everyone who contributed.

Addison didn’t end up actually riding because she decided her priority was to cheer on the Seymour climb riders. With only one mountain climb and therefore just one mountain top cheering station, we made the most of it, even stopping along the way up for some impromptu cheering.

One of the big highlights, especially for the girls, was the amazing pancake brunch hosted by the Vancouver Queen Elizabeth Lions Club. These guys are simply awesome. Special kudos to their team for stepping in at the last minute – Aaron reached out to their president Jesse just a couple of weeks before our event when the original plan for the pancake brunch fell through. And they delivered BIG TIME. Delicious fluffy pancakes topped with berries and whipped cream, served alongside sausages. I didn’t cycle straight up a mountainside for an hour, so not sure I needed to eat 3 (maybe 4) pancakes LOL.

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I also need to give a big shout out to our incredible co-organizers, Sheena and Adam, and this year we got to work with Eileen too. You guys all ROCK!!!! The three of them have real jobs, lots of other commitments, yet they spent countless hours of their own time doing everything and anything.

We don’t have a final $$$ total yet as we have some accounting to do with the Kidney Foundation folks, but we appreciate each and every donation. Please know that your hard-earned money will help support pediatric transplant research and I am hopeful we will be able to announce our next project soon!!


However, never to sit back and just relax, we are now in the planning stages for our pub night fundraiser. The past couple of years we have timed it to the same week as the Recycle Ride, but with the change in the ride this year, we wanted to move the pub night to the fall, hopefully allowing more people to come and join the fun. Stay tuned for updates on that!

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Elaine, Aaron, Addison and Charlie


2 thoughts on “A long overdue THANK YOU!! #goodcause #lifeaftertransplant

  1. Xoxox it was a really fun morning-what a great way to help
    Support and raise awareness for organ donations!! Congratulations!!

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