Goodbye Lindsey

I am so sorry to tell you the world has lost a brilliant light. Lindsey died this morning at Canuck Place. She was beautiful and brave right until the end.


Tony, Sadie, Lindsey and Darlene

Just a couple of hours after my blog post last night, her father Tony posted an update.

Lindsey update March 14, 2013
Family and friends 
My 18 year old daughter, Lindsey Lourenco, has been battling Leukemia for almost 6 years. Five times this cancer has ravaged our child and after years of chemotherapy, radiation, a bone marrow transplant and a lot of prayers, her days are literally numbered. She has been unconscious for almost a week now, her pain mostly under control and her comfort our only concern.
To celebrate Lindsey’s 1 year transplant date in 2011, my wife, Darlene, wrote Lindsey a song. She has sang it only once at our daughter’s celebration and it was an emotional performance.
Last night I came into Lindsey’s hospital room to find Darlene strumming a borrowed guitar and singing to our little girl. She wanted Lindsey to hear her song one more time and I felt compelled to pick up my phone and record it.
I truly believe that even though Lindsey is in a coma, she can hear her mother singing and feel the love all around her. I can’t help but think that even in the most difficult and painful time of our lives, there are moments of beauty and powerful, unconditional love.
An unedited, unrehearsed, completely raw and shaky recording of a mother singing to her dying daughter, my precious daughter, Lindsey: Love you forever, baby girl.

I am honoured to have met Lindsey. She was so strong, so full of grace and forgiveness, even in the worst times. She was a true champion and showed all of us the meaning of courage. Lindsey was funny and silly too. She and her sister Sadie had a super yummy cheese ball recipe, which she kindly shared with me. She was aghast I had never tried a homemade cheese ball before! Why don’t we all make that cheese ball every Christmas in her memory? Somehow I think she’d like that.

Here it is, exactly as Lindsey sent it to me:

Cheese ball recipe 🙂

2 packages of cream cheese, softened
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp red peppers- really finely chopped
1 tbsp green pepper- really finely chopped
1 tbsp onion-  really finely chopped
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
optional- Pinch of salt or kayenne pepper
Then roll in chopped parsley or chopped nuts


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

PS Thank you to everyone for their heartfelt comments. I will send them all to the Lourencos.

19 thoughts on “Goodbye Lindsey

  1. This is so sad and unfair. I’m so sorry, and wish all her family and friends peace. My condolences to all of them. Love, Carol, Langley, BC xoxo

  2. My heart is broken reading this…. I can’t imagine the pain her family feels losing such a wonderful young woman… may she be comforted in the wings of angels and may warm loving memories of Lindsey keep her ‘ alive ‘ in their hearts forever….. my sincere condolences to her family….
    Love from Cheryl Victoria BC

  3. Our love and prayers to the Laurenco family.Sitting here my heart aches and tears swell reading the blog.Thank you for helping us to remember their shining star Lindsay.

  4. Condolences to the Laurenco family…..I cry just thinking about the pain and suffering they have all been through. Hope they can find a little peace knowing that Lindsey is dancing with the angels now. Thank you for sharing that emotional video…a really beautiful song.

  5. Condolences to Lindseys family. They have had a long trip together and now Lindsey is finally pain free, smiling down on you and you have memories, which will take you through. Also a beautiful video which brought tears….. thankyou for sharing.

  6. My heart is very saddened and heavy tonight as I learn you have lost your precious daughter. What a gift to all of us who were lucky enough to have heard her story of courage, love and incredible strength. May our Lord shower her with gifts and love for all her struggles. May she truly rest in peace and dance amongst the Angels.
    God bless you your family and may he show you comfort in this difficult time!

  7. Lindsey now lives in God’s House with the Angels, My heart aches at the pain you all are feeling but know that your story and song will continue to be passed along and she will never be forgotten. May God wrap his loving arms around you and give you comfort,Prayers sent to you all !!!

  8. So sorry to hear of Lindsey’s passing. She is in good hands now with our
    Father. She was quite a fighter. Loved the video of Mom singing to her.
    May she rest in peace now.

    • I am so sorry for your loss, I know she is in heaven with no more pain, waiting for you! I love your family and had been praying for her healing. My heart is broken for you, but I am sure she is so happy with Jesus young and healthy forever. She was so brave and had such a good attitude and gave and will give strength to many going through cancer. Our love and prayers are with you!

  9. I found your song and recording on God Vine and cannot begin to tell you how beautiful that song is. I send my prayers to your family and ask God to lift you in his arms to comfort you all during this difficult time. Lindsey I am sure was the most precious daughter and you were so lucky to have had her in your lives. God will look after her now until you are united again. God Bless you all and please consider recording that song as a tribute to Lindsey.

  10. Thinking of your family at this difficult time, what a wonderful song to sing to your beautiful daughter!

    • Sadly just a little more than 1 month after I wrote the previous post, I took my own daughter off life support, she had battled an profound case of pneumonia and lost that battle. You never know when things like this might happen sometimes, but thankfully we can sometimes be next to them and with them so they are as comfy as possible and not alone. Again my heart goes out to this family, what a wonderful song to sing to this precious child!

  11. What a lovely song and a great way to remember Lindsey! I can tell, just as a viewer/listener, that she was loved very much. She truly was so strong and such a brave young lady for all she went through. Rest in peace, Lindsey. And stay strong, Lourenco family! 🙂

  12. Lindsey’s mother’s song is viral on facebook. It was posted on a friends page and I just listened to it, cried my eyes out, and wanted to learn more about this amazing girl hoping against all hope that she had a miraculous recovery. I am so sorry that Lindsey lost her battle. From what I saw in the t.v. interview, she was so strong and her family must be so proud of the person she was, even though she was so young. My heart goes out to the entire family. May God bless all of you and know that Lindsey is watching over all of you from heaven now.

  13. Saw the beautiful video on LifeNews. Thank you for sharing. I know it’s been a bit since you lost your dear daughter. I’m thinking it feels like a minute ago and an eternity all in one. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can certainly see the love you have for your family and I’m sure your dear daughter knew and felt that too. Thank you again for sharing that beautiful song and voice with us.

  14. Words can’t express how sorry I am. Truly a parent’s worst nightmare. I lost my 30 yr old sister to cancer 32 yrs ago and still miss her. Lindsey obviously knew how much you loved her. She will always be with you.

  15. Your story touched my heart and soul in a way I’ve never been touched before to have so much love and I’ve never had sadness and love at the same time like that in my life I cried so hard watching your song video I can only say the power of our father in heaven was with you all that day and gave her wings to fly home be strong prayers are with you and your beautiful family I don’t even know 🙂

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